2048 Snake Lite App Reviews

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Great game, needs work

This was the game on the old cell phones as a kid. I'm already addicted to it again! It's got a few bugs that need to be worked out though: 1. Sometimes adds pop up while playing, instead of only before you play. When the adds pop up, it causes you to lose the game. Very frustrating. 2. When you play the game offline, you can't see adds, but the space the adds would usually show up at the top of the screens is not longer occupied, making your playing board look bigger than it actually is. This needs to be sectioned off when ads don't appear. 3. The buttons are not always responsive. 4. The pause button doesn't work. Hit pause and the game pauses, but hit pause to start playing again and you lose the game. Those are just a few things I've noticed. Hopefully an update will fix this.

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